Why create Shutters?

Simply say, for not frustrating beginners of C++. GUI is the earliest and most direct potion where a beginner feels a language. Beginner sometimes equates an IDE or a library with language itself. So a GUI library fails to design or not aimed at accessibility will only induce the resentful feelings of beginner.

Are beginners so important? We are care about experienced developers.

However, beginner will become experienced programmer early or late. And to what they are familiar with, peoples are always not willing to give up. To attract beginners for C++, it is the aim of Shutters.

Is it necessary for Shutters to exist while so many GUI libraries being here?

Shutters have different goals than them. Shutters is not superior than them, but have a different attitude toward beginners.

C++ does not have garbage collection! What if I need it?

You need garbage collection only when garbage being. If there is no garbage, you do not need it! The collection of C++ object obeys the rule of object life time.

How can I program without new and/or delete?

Have you heard of auto variables?

Can C++ support RAD?

Why not?

Does the object created by new need to be deleted by myself manually?

Yes! Absolutely need. But you can create object without new. By using Shutters, you will appreciate its advantages. If you have written a new, a corresponding delete must be somewhere, because Shutters does not delete anything automatically for you. Its a worrying thing seeing a single new in C++ code. 

Does Shutters plagiarize gtkmm?

No! They are developed independently. Shutters is NOT inspired by gtkmm. They have no relations.